Kids of Kadiogne, Inc.

Working Closely with Trusted Local Partners

Since 2006, Kids of K has successfully supported the health and education of children and families in dozens of villages and towns across Senegal. Through grants awarded to local organizations and individuals, we provide the ability to move beyond the bare minimum and reach for goals that are otherwise unattainable.


Our Approach

Kids of K collaborates with trusted organizations on the ground, enhancing the local capacity for education and healthcare. We take care to hear the voices of our Senagalese friends and colleagues, respecting their wisdom as well as their autonomy, and we are intentional about hiring local labor and buying local supplies in order to contribute to the local economy. We are excited to continue collaborating with our current partners while also expanding partnerships in Senegal and into other areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Health Projects

Among Kids of K’s partners for health projects is Mon Pays, Mon Avenir (My Country, My Future)  whom we partner with to offer a free health fairs in areas with need. On these days, portable health tent are set up and local doctors  provide free testing and medical care to people who do not have access to healthcare on a regular basis. During a recent health fair, multiple people received early diagnoses for breast and prostate cancer as well as HIV. These diagnoses were made in the early stages of disease, so treatment was possible. Kids of K continues to collaborate with Mon Pays, Mon Avenir to assist these individuals with necessary medical bills for treatment and medication. 

Also among Kids of K’s partners is Prudence Plus, an organization that provides support for LGBT+ youth. We regularly provide funding for HIV awareness and testing programs, and have funded their recent efforts to expand access in the LGBT+ community to testing, supplies, vaccination, and care related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Education Projects

Kids of K consistently focuses on improving education opportunities for youth.  Among our partners are elementary schools in 23 villages with over 3,000 students. By providing school supplies for the students each year, we help the schools to maximize the educational experience of the students, whose families may otherwise be unable to provide those supplies. We also award grants for other school needs,  including the building or remodeling of school facilities.  In the community center that we built in Kadiogne, we provide support for the village’s preschool, as well as the Emily D’Ancona Resource Center, which offers computers, internet, and a photocopier for school and community use.

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In addition to our partnership with organizations, we provide individual grants for both medical and educational purposes, such as medical transport, assistance with medical expenses, scholarships for training programs, and registration fees for university students. 

We encourage you to learn more about specific recent projects on our Project Updates page. And we welcome any questions you may have about our work!

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