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Thank You for Helping These Children Follow Their Dreams!

December 30, 2022

Thanks to the generous and consistent support of our donors, Kids of Kadiogne has now been working for seventeen years to help support the health and education of children and families in our partner villages!

We were touched when a young man named Lidou came across our Facebook page and commented (edited for clarification), “I am from the village of Kadiogne, and I can bear witness to your engagement. Thank you and bravo!” There was something magical about sitting in Philadelphia and seeing this comment come through from a young man who grew up in one of our rural partner villages and now lives in Dakar, where he studies electronic engineering. So many worlds coming together in that comment!

When you support our work, your world becomes a part of that connection!

Imagine a contributor from somewhere in the United States sending a donation, which we put directly to work in support of schools and local organizations in our partner villages. Thanks to that donation, a child’s opportunities are boosted just a little. This continues year after year, and that child may end up going on to study information technology, accounting, or electronic engineering in the capital. Or that child may become a more empowered farmer, teacher, or community leader in their village. And perhaps, like Lidou, that young leader will even find us online and thank us for our work, which is really a thank-you for the contributors who made it possible!

We hope that your participation and our hard work can create just a small ingredient in helping children to follow their dreams!

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